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Starting a Parent Association

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CSPA would recommend that parents form a Parent Association in consultation with the Principal of a school.  This can lead to a good working relationship.  The first step is for a number of parents to get together to plan an AGM.  It is always good to have a speaker on a topic that is of interest to parents.  You must send every parent notification of this meeting; it’s content and your intention to form a Parent Association.

Every Parent Association needs a Constitution and CSPA have a suggested constitution for Parents Associations.  Whatever constitution you choose should be distributed to the parents present at the meeting for acceptance as the Constitution of your school. 

Every parent in the school is a member of the Parents Association.  You need to elect a committee from these members.  You can choose to elect members to the committee and decide who holds what position at the first committee meeting or you can elect individuals to positions at the AGM.  It is always best to try to elect a representative from each year or class to the committee though this is not always possible.  Some schools elect parents according to the local areas.  Each school must decide what is best for them. 

CSPA has produced a leaflet with some basic Guidelines for Parent Associations.



We need your support to support you
To support the voluntary representative role of Parents, the CSPA asks each School Parent Association to affiliate to their national representative organisation and to pay a voluntary subscription (when possible).   You support allows members of the National Executive to to attend important meetings and to reflect the views of parents nationally.